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V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

It has not taken V2 Cigs very long to rise to the top of the list of electronic cigarette industry online. Even though this company is relatively new to the electronic cigarette market, it has made great strides by gaining the attention of smokers all over the world. What sets V2 Cigs apart from all the other companies is its dedication making quality e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and starter kits.

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When it comes to buying e-cigs, V2 Cigs surpasses customers expectations because it takes the time to make certain that each product it manufacturers is safe and effective to use. Many companies outsource their entire manufacturing process to other companies but V2 Cigs manufactures all its own e-cig products. In addition, V2 Cigs conducts what are called batch tests on all of its products to ensure they only the best are released. V2 Cigs has raised the bar by manufacturing its own electronic cigarettes and flavored e-liquid.

V2 Cigs manufactures its own electronic cigarettes

V2 Cigs’ main priority is to make sure that the entire manufacturing process is unadulterated and free from contaminants that can do more harm than good. V2 Cigs is so confident in its product consumers who buy V2 Cigs can enter the batch number for their smokeless cigarette products directly into the company’s website for information on the batch test report and free access to the a safety report for every purchase made.

V2 Cigs are safe and healthy to use

When it comes to choosing between V2 Cigs and other brands, V2 Cigs delivers exactly what it promises. People who purchase these electronic cigarettes will be able to begin changing their lifestyle immediately. Since V2 Cigs can be smoked anywhere, people will not have to worry about taking their routine cigarette break all throughout their day. No matter where they are, smokers who choose V2 Cigs never have to worry about the harmful effects of second hand smoke because these e-cigarettes are smokeless.

Smokers who choose V2 Cigs can take advantage of a rich flavorful cigarette they want without sacrificing their health. V2 Cigs offers a wide-variety of flavors to choose from, but that is not all. V2 Cigs has perfected the electronic cigarette by producing an electronic cigarette that gives off what appears to be rich smoke, but is actually smokeless vapor.

The Pros of buying V2 Cigs

  • 30-Day Money Back Return Guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Free Shipping in the U.S. (No Minimum Required)
  • Free Quality and Safety Batch Reports
  • Manufactures All Products
  • Tests All of Its Products and E-Liquids
  • V2 Cigs Starter Kits and Disposables
  • Low Pricing


  • Flavor decreases as the battery becomes low
  • Initial expenses of buying e-cigs can be pricey compared to a pack of conventional cigarettes

Overall V2 Cigs keeps costs to consumers low

Over a million consumers have purchased V2 Cigs since the company first opened in 2011. Most people who choose this brand do so because it offers most savings and electronic cigarette products options. Buyers do not have to spend a large sum of money upfront to try these e-cigarettes out. However, once they do make that initial purchase most continue to buy all of their electronic cigarettes and accessories directly from V2 Cigs. Low cost is one thing, but V2 Cigs also stands by all of its products by allowing returns and offering a lifetime warranty. They happily go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to electronic cigarettes.

V2 Cigs Economy Kit

Savings calculator for calculating savings with V2 Cigs

Consumers who are interested in finding out how much they can save can use V2 Cigs’ savings calculator. It is easy to find out how much less V2 Cigs cost in comparison to other electronic cigarettes available on the market today. By purchasing V2 Cigs, people can save hundreds of dollars per month on cigarettes costs, adding more money to their pocket and making less of an impact on the environment. V2 Cigs has consistently delivered high quality e-cigs for less than their competitors.

Earn free products and free shipping in the US

In addition to its already low prices, e-cig buyers can take advantage of free shipping in the United States and V2 Cigs’ Smoke4Free referral program. Each time consumers refer someone to V2 Cigs, they can earn a $15 credit that can be used toward a future purchase.

Largest selection of flavors

V2 Cigs carries one of the largest selections of e-liquid flavors that make smoking electronic cigarettes extremely enjoyable. Choose from cool menthol flavors, tobacco flavors and a wide-variety of specialty flavors for any taste preference. V2 Cigs’ provides some of the best e-liquid flavors in the industry. In addition, since V2 Cigs manufactures its own e-liquids in house, consumers know they are getting the safest product on the market.

Smokers can choose from an assortment of flavored e-liquids including Rich Tobacco Flavors (V2 Red, Congress, Sahara), Cool Menthol Flavors (Menthol, Peppermint, Mint Tea) and Specialty Flavors (Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee).

V2 Cigs even offers an assortment of e-cig nicotine levels so you can pick the right one to suit your personal needs. Choose from 0g to 18g and everything in between, including 2.4% nicotine strength, back by popular demand.

There are many different e-liquids on the market but V2 Cigs uses quality ingredients in all of its products.

As a whole, V2 Cigs manufacture an unbeatable smokeless cigarettes and e-liquids.

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