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Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

Blu Cigs are an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes that have both the look and feel of conventional cigarettes without the smoke, ash or odor. When smoked they produce a vapor from the glycerin-based liquid inside. The cigarette itself is a rechargeable battery so one e-cig can be used multiple times. For smokers ready to make the jump from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, Blu Cigs offer a good solution.

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Customizing Blu Cigs

When you draw on a Blu Cig, the atomizer inside the cartridge heats the e-liquid and produces a rich, full flavored vapor. Each e-liquid flavor is unique but the base contains distilled water, nicotine, flavoring, USP glycerin and citric acid. Blu Cig cartridges are available in various flavors and nicotine levels so users have the option of customizing their e-cigarette to suit their personal tastes.

Nicotine Levels:
High – 13 to 16 mg (strongest nicotine level)
Medium – 9 to 12 mg
Low – 6 to 8 mg
None – 0mg (lowest nicotine level)

Blu Cigs continues to provide e-cig users with affordable electronic cigarettes and a variety of e-liquid flavors. These different juices personalize the smoking experience and have helped make Blu Cigs one of the leading brands for quality smokeless cigarette products. Their exclusive line of e-cig flavors include Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Peach Schnapps, Pina Colada, Vivid Vanilla and Cherry Crush. Their liquid is specially made in the USA by Johnson Creek of Wisconsin.

Blu Cig styles and options

Blu Cigs come in a variety of styles for shoppers to choose from.

Starter Kit: New smokeless cigarette users can get the best bang for their buck with a new e-cig starter kit. Each electronic cigarette starter kit contains two batteries, a charger and enough cartridges to last for several days. The number of cartridges varies by kit. The kit also features a case that looks like a cigarette flip-top case but also acts as a carrying case and charger. Other options smokers can modify are package color, e-cig flavor and battery length. The longer Blu 100 battery will need recharging less frequently than the shorter battery but the choice is up to the user.

Disposable Blu Cigs: If you’re unsure if switching to e-cigs is right for you, the disposable is a less expensive way to try a Blu Cig. It contains one complete e-cigarette that can simply be disposed of when the battery dies. It lasts about as long one pack of cigarettes or more. The Blu disposables are available in a limited line of flavors so buyers can choose Classic Tobacco or Magnificent Menthol. The disposables are only available in higher nicotine options: 20-24 mg for Classic Tobacco and 17-24 mg for Magnificent Menthol.

Electronic Cigarette Accessories: Batteries, cartridges, and chargers can also be purchased separately. Batteries are available in black or white and have a blue tip that lights up when the e-cigarette is drawn on. Cartridges come in black or natural, which is similar to the color of standard tobacco cigarette filters.

Blu Cigs Starter Kit

Pros and Cons of Blu Cigs


• No smoke
• No ash
• No odor
• May be allowed where smoking is not
• No need for lighters, matches or ashtrays
• Saves money over repeated purchases of cigarette packs
• Variety of flavors and nicotine levels


• Vapor decreases as battery power lowers
• Battery must be replaced after multiple uses

From smoking to vaping

The experience of “vaping” a Blu Cig is very similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette but without the unsightly side effects like stained teeth or lingering smoky odors. Electronic cigarettes do not produce vapor constantly like tobacco cigarettes do; instead, the vapor is only produced when the atomizer is activated when inhaling. It takes a somewhat longer and more deliberate draw on a Blu Cig to produce vapor, and puffing tends to produce even more vapor. When exhaled, the vapor looks exactly like cigarette smoke, but it is odorless and dissipates in several seconds. For smokers looking for a similar taste and mouth feel like smoking a conventional cigarette, higher nicotine level cartridges are the way to go.

The Blu charger pack is a remarkable device that offers portability and protection for the Blu Cigs as well as portable charging capabilities. The pack itself is rechargeable so there is no need to carry a separate charger or bulky cables. The new Blu pack with “social features” alerts you when Blu retailers or other Blu users are nearby. Adding this social feature puts Blu Cigs ahead of other e-cigarette brands.

The Blu Cigs website offers a rewards program that allows you to earn points for every purchase. Points can be redeemed for discounts on Blu products. All Blu Cigs come with a one-year warranty so damaged e-cig kits and parts can be replaced with ease.

Blu Cig key features

Blu Cigs offer an economical and healthy alternative to most tobacco products. The choice of nicotine levels, including zero nicotine, allows a smoker to switch to Blu and gradually decrease their nicotine intake. For smokers ready to make the switch to e-cigs but unsure of which brand will best suit their needs, Blu Cigs offers a fully customizable electronic cigarette experience. New and long-term smokers will enjoy the quality vapor cigarette products offered here.

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