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How do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

E-cigarettes have been used by many smokers. With Green Cigs you can customize each e-cig, altering the flavor and nicotine level to suit your needs. Over time an e-cig user can gradually reduce their nicotine intake until they reach 0g.  Unlike tobacco cigarettes which emit smoke when lit, electronic cigarettes do not rely on matches or lighters. Instead, e-cigarettes use a battery operated atomizer that heats up the flavored liquid inside. Vaping does not come with negative side effects like second-hand smoke, stained teeth, or ashy smells so many places allow vaping indoors.

Why Choose Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

The dangers of traditional cigarettes have been studied extensively and the risks to female smokers are immense.  Green Smoke offers a variety of electronic cigarette starter kits for smokers new to vaping. Each kit comes with an assortment of tools including batteries, chargers, a carrying case, flavored e-liquids, e-cig manuals and more. Switching to vaping is affordable with an e-cig starter kit.

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Altria Joins Smokeless Cigarette Market

E-cigarettes have been soaring in popularity with smokers with some estimating that 2013 sales could reach $1 billion. But what does this mean for Big Tobacco companies that rely on smokers choosing traditional cigarettes over electronic ones? It seems many tobacco companies aren’t waiting around to see if tobacco cigarettes can regain their grip on former smokers. Many smokers choosing to protect their bodies and regain their health have switched to e-cigs for good. Big Tobacco companies have recently made the switch as well.

The latest in the tobacco industry to announce its e-cigarette line is Altria Group, the parent company of Malboro cigarettes. Altria joins a handful of tobacco companies that have decided to join the e-cigarette industry. News of tobacco companies making the switch to e-cigarettes comes as no surprise. Electronic cigarettes have become the new way to quit smoking naturally.

Tobacco cigarettes are both addictive and damaging to both smokers and non-smokers. The vapors found in tobacco cigarettes contain harsh carcinogens that can lead to side effects such as lung disease, high blood pressure, and more. Even non-smokers are exposed to the side-effects of second hand smoke. Electronic cigarettes enable smokers to inhale a water-based e-liquid solution that contains nicotine. The exhaled smoke is doesn’t have the nasty ash smell or carcinogens associated with second-hand smoke. For smokers, the switch to e-cigarettes is for their health and the sake of their loved ones.

Big Tobacco companies are listening to the needs of smokers and joining the e-cigarette revolution, creating their own e-cig for the market. While Altria Group may be a leader in the tobacco cigarette world, e-cigarette brands like V2 Cigs, Blu Cigs, and Green Cigs are leaders in the smokeless cigarette market. These brands have continued to create quality e-cigarette flavors, accessories, and chargers at affordable prices. New smokeless cigarette users have no trouble making the switch to e-cigarettes. Special electronic cigarette starter kits make the transition smooth for new users.

It is unclear if Big Tobacco companies will be competitive in the e-cigarette market. Perhaps their introduction will help generate more innovative e-cig technology in the near future as competition rises.


Smokers Vaping to Quit Smoking

No one knows the negative side effects of smoking better than smokers but the days of stained teeth, lingering ashes, and shortness of breath may be a thing of the past. Electronic cigarettes have caught the attention of smokers around the world, offering a chance for a life free from smoking addiction. Unlike smoking, which can lead to tar building in the lungs, “vaping” enables the user to inhale nicotine in the form of water vapor. The harsh toxins released when burning a tobacco cigarette are a thing of the past with e-cigs.

While the Food and Drug Administration has not approved electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid, many smokers are not waiting around. But can smokeless cigarettes really help smokers break the habit? Studies are still being conducted by the FDA to understand just how effective electronic cigarettes can be for smokers trying to quit. This hasn’t stopped smokers from using e-cigs to cut back and even quit smoking.

Vaping No Smoking

Using e-cigarettes to control a smoking habit is quite simple. The basic make up of electronic cigarettes enables the user to customize the e-cigarette to their tastes. Smokers can choose from nicotine levels ranging from 0mg-18mg depending on their needs. Over time the level of nicotine can be lowered at their desired pace. E-cigs use a battery operated atomizer to heat up the water-based liquid inside. Once heated this liquid can be inhaled and the exhaled smoke is safe for others in the area to breathe. Smokers no longer have to worry about hurting their loved ones with second-hand smoke. Unlike pills, patches, and gums that require a smoker to quit the physical habit of smoking, e-cigs enable smokers to  gradually wean themselves from cigarettes.

Vaping is something that is catching on as more smokers vape in public. Even celebrities like Robert Pattinson, Katherine Heigl, Stephen Dorff, and more have been caught vaping in public. Smoking cigarettes in public places may be off limits but some public spaces allow smoker to vape inside. Most smokers may still be scared to vape publicly but the stigma is slowly going away as people become more familiar with the benefits of e-cigarettes.

Long-term vaping is still being studied but thousands of smokers are already sharing their e-cig testimonials with the public. Whether or not e-cigarettes will become the new and most sought after smoking cessation aid is still up in the air, but for smokers who thought quitting was impossible e-cigarettes offer hope, health, and long-term satisfaction.

Big Tobacco Makes the Switch to E-Cigs

Some called electronic cigarettes a fad that would die out as quickly as it began but e-cigarettes have caught the attention of smokers around the world. Sure, their design might mimic traditional cigarettes but they are anything but ordinary. Unlike tobacco cigarettes that release harsh toxins and carcinogens when burned, electronic cigarettes release only a harmless water vapor when smoked. Smokers like celebrities Stephen Dorff and Twilight’s Robert Pattinson have made the switch and many are not looking back. But the allure of e-cigs has not just caught the attention of celebrities and politicians. Many companies in the tobacco industry are focusing less on conventional cigarettes and turning their attention to e-cigarettes.

E-cig and Tobacco Cigarette

Big Tobacco Vs. Smokeless Cigarettes

Until recently, Big Tobacco faced off with e-cigs, watching their control of the market shift to smaller e-cig brands. Electronic cigarettes have become the new go to for smokers trying to quit and it is hard to blame them for making the switch. Tobacco cigarettes are known for causing nasty side effects like shortness of breath, ashy smells, and disease. The negatives of smoking traditional cigarettes long-term has been studied extensively. Smokeless cigarettes have given long-term smokers hope and the ability to regulate their smoking habit by slowing adjusting the nicotine levels of their e-cigs.

Major Tobacco Company Crosses Over to E-Cigarettes

When tobacco brand R.J. Reynolds announced its intention to start producing and marketing the electronic cigarette Vuse many e-cig users were shocked. Was this a sign that the tobacco industry was caving to electronic cigarettes? The whole “if you can’t beat them, join them” certainly rings a bell in this case. And Vuse e-cigs aren’t the only case of Big Tobacco and electronic cigarette brands teaming up. Leading e-cig brand Blu Cigs recently announced in April their merger with Lorillard. Blu Cigs first made headlines when their advertisements featuring actor Stephen Dorff began popping up on television. Their merger Lorillard is another move to push the brand further into the public spotlight and the Blu Cigs campaign has proven to be very effective.

Future of Electronic Cigarettes

The merger of tobacco companies and e-cig brand manufacturers shows the true staying power of electronic cigarettes. Smokers switching to e-cigs have a growing confidence in their ability to quit smoking. With tobacco cigarettes, on the other hand, smoking seemed more like a never-ending trial of ups and downs. It is easy to see why e-cigarettes have caught on and why Big Tobacco companies have decided to jump on board.

Smokers Scared to Vape in Public?

For years smoking has been linked with dozens of undesirable side effects, including stained teeth, shortness of breath, and cancer. These side effects and more have many smokers making the switch to electronic cigarettes. With the popularity of e-cigs on the rise many are wondering if this new quit smoking tool may be making smoking cool again. The undesirable effects of smoking as made cigarettes an unsightly accessory but what about e-cigs?

The inventor of the electronic cigarette

Certainly smokeless cigarettes are attracting attention but not for the reasons you might think. Electronic cigarettes do not release the harsh chemicals and carcinogens that are associated with smoking conventional cigarettes; instead, e-cigs rely on a battery operated atomizer than heats a water-based solution inside. The vapor released by e-cigs doesn’t contain the toxins that are common with traditional cigarettes. The ability for smokers to improve their overall health while slowing weaning themselves off their smoking habit has made e-cigs a new favorite for quitting smoking.

Unlike pills and patches that address the issue of nicotine, smokeless cigarettes also give smokers the added benefit of the sensation of smoking conventional cigarettes. This sensation paired with the ability to control the nicotine levels of each e-cigarette has made electronic cigarettes the new face of quitting. Smokeless cigarette users can also pick from a variety of e-liquid flavors that vary depending on brand. These days many brands like Green Smoke and Blu Cigs carry a selection of e-cig flavors that include Tobacco, Coffee, Mint, Menthol, and more.

But some smokers are worried about public reactions to e-cigarettes and this fear is justified. The stigma attached to smoking is hard to cast off but electronic cigarette users working to break their smoking addiction have found relief in e-cigarettes despite the stares. Electronic cigarettes are a fairly new device and the glow emitted by the LED light at the end of many e-cigarettes can definitely generate unwanted attention and questions. Many people are still warming up to electronic cigarettes and may be turned off by vaping in public spaces. While many public buildings have no bans against vaping inside, people new to e-cigarettes may be less than accepting of public vaping. Fortunately electronic cigarettes are less invasive than tobacco cigarettes, giving off a water based vapor smoke instead of dangerous second-hand smoke.

While e-cigs continue to gain support from smokers looking to quit, they may take longer to gain more widespread public acceptance. Still, smokers are learning the benefits of e-cigarettes outweigh the drawbacks of continuing to smoke traditional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes: the Future or a Fad


Electronic Cigarettes have reached sales numbers which have most experts agreeing that they could possibly be the future of smoking. After being in the mainstream for only a matter of years, e-cig manufacturer Lorillard Inc. reports $61 million dollars in sales for a total of 30 percent of the market share. These battery-powered devices create a vapor rather than smoke from a liquid nicotine solution. Each disposable cartridge heats the liquid to create the vapors which deliver the nicotine to the customer.

E-cigs the future of smoking

Developing the Sensible Alternative to Smoking

The cartridges themselves range in price from $9 to $18, and they comes a variety of flavors and sizes. Each pack typically contains five cartridges. The price difference is considerable when weighted against the average cost for traditional cartons of cigarettes.Total sales for e-cig manufacturers reached the $500 million dollar mark in 2012 according to the executive director of SmokeFree Pennsylvania. The total number of users accounting for this revenue is estimated to be 2.5 million people.

Companies such as R.J. Reynolds Tobacco have put massive amounts of effort into raising the consumer confidence in the product. Although the numbers are on the rise, it is likely that it will be years before sales of e-cigs rival those of traditional cigarettes. Lorillard’s success comes after purchasing blu eCigs. They have already established a distribution chain for their products that contains over 55,000 stores. In addition to the work on the ground, they are rolling out an advertising campaign that will be backed by over $40 million.Other big tobacco firms have not invested as much as quickly in distributing e-cigs.

R.J. Reynolds continues to test the market and the product. Spokesmen claim that studies in reducing any potential harm caused by the product is a practice that is beneficial to all parties. These companies have those studies underway currently. The FDA is now deciding exactly how to effect regulatory measures upon the product. FDA spokesmen expect the growth of the industry to continue steadily, but not at an exponential pace.

Analysts working on developing these smokeless products are priding themselves on putting a new face on existing brand names, creating new excitement in the marketplace, and incorporating technology in their drive towards the future.However, there is still concern over whether the FDA will attempt to ban products such as these in an effort to eliminate all tobacco-related products. Despite the questions that have arisen with the popularity of the e-cig, John Spangler, from the Wake Forest School of Medicine supports these advances. He has noted success stories which involve his patients using e-cigs to successfully quit using other tobacco-related products.

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Quality Electronic Cigarettes

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Advantages of an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

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Why are E-Cigs Stigmatized?

The risks of smoking have been researched and analyzed for decades and the answer is clear, smoking conventional cigarettes is deadly. There is no doubt that smokers who use tobacco cigarettes shorten their life span and increase their exposure to toxins that can lead to lung disease, shortness of breath, and more. These risks are not something to be taken lightly which is why electronic cigarettes have recently caught the attention of many smokers looking to quit. But how do ecigs work? Instead of traditional cigarettes, which release carcinogens when burned, e-cigs use a heated coil to vaporize an e-liquid solution that smokers inhale. Negative effects like lingering smoky smells and second-hand smoke are a thing of the past for e-cig users.

Ecigs Stigmatized

While smokers switching to e-cigs may be reaping the health benefits of this new product many opponents are worried that electronic cigarettes may undo years of work to decrease smoking around the world. It is true that traditional cigarettes have been linked to a series of drawbacks that significantly impact the quality of life for users. Smokers have turned to electronic cigarettes because they offer them a more healthy alternative to smoking and enable them to make a smaller impact on the environment.

The waste generated by smoking tobacco products is higher than waste from electronic cigarette products and accessories. Many electronic cigarette brands like Green Smoke and Blu Cigs offer special refillable e-liquid cartridges so users can reuse their e-cigs instead of throwing them away.

Besides fear of electronic cigarettes being a possible threat to our health and the environment, many people fear the product will make smoking “cool” again. Most smokers are very aware of the risks of smoking and many turn to electronic cigarettes as a way to break the habit. E-cigs have fully customizable liquid flavors and nicotine levels so smokers have the ability to choose the right nicotine strength for their needs. While vapor cigarettes cannot be advertised as a smoking cessation aid some users have found the ability to decrease their e-cig nicotine level over time to be a natural way to quit smoking.

The stigma that follows e-cigarettes is tough to break but smokeless cigarette brands continue to release quality products for e-cig users. It seems like tobacco cigarettes may have finally met their match and their digital counterparts are set to take the lead. Electronic cigarettes have helped to cut tobacco sales, something a lot of people can agree is a good thing.

Electronic Cigarettes Face Off With Big Tobacco

Electronic cigarettes present smokers with a real alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Due to the nature of the product and its capacity for market success, the tobacco industry has recently found itself in a new position of possibly facing major challenge to the sales success traditional cigarettes have enjoyed for decades.

Differences Between Electronic Cigarettes and Tobacco Cigarettes

Typically made up of three components, electronic cigarettes include the cartridge, which serves as the mouthpiece, the battery, which powers the cigarette, and the atomizer. The user assembles the pieces, usually by screwing them together. The electronic cigarette works by heating a liquid until it creates a vapor, which turns to mist that is inhaled. The smokeless cigarette vapor serves as a substitute for tobacco smoke and allows habitual smokers the sensation of inhaling and exhaling as they would with a conventional cigarette. When the user inhales from the mouthpiece, the atomizer is activated, and the harmless vapor is produced. The vapor simulates the look and feel of nicotine smoke, and users can even order products that resemble the flavor of nicotine. Most e-cigarettes also include an LED light at the end of the device to resemble the glowing end of a lit cigarette.

E-Cigarettes Grow in Popularity

When electronic cigarette brands like Blu Cigs were first introduced, the major tobacco companies mostly ignored the devices and did not believe they would gain much of a market share. However, as niche start-ups built a market for these new e-cig products, the e-cigarette’s popularity began to grow. As the devices became more popular, groups like the Food and Drug Administration, makers of nicotine replacement therapy products, and tobacco companies began communicating to the public that the e-cigarette had never been tested and could be dangerous.

Marlboro and Blu Cig Electronic Cigarette

After the resulting legal battles had ended, the FDA announced its decision to regulate e-cigarettes in the same way that tobacco products are regulated as opposed to holding the electronic products to higher standards that are typically applied to medical devices. This announcement effectively legalizes the several brands of electronic cigarettes that are available in the market today. Electronic cigarettes faced further scrutiny from Big Tobacco companies due to e-cig companies being able to advertise in markets tobacco products have been banned from. These days it is not uncommon to see an advertisement for electronic cigarettes on the television or in a magazine.

The Future of E-Cigs and Big Tobacco Companies

While no one knows what will become of the tobacco companies, the innovative electronic cigarette lends itself to the belief that the tobacco industry may eventually dry up and fade away like mist. How Big Tobacco companies will respond to the growing competition from electronic cigarette manufacturers is still unknown. Even in the face of so much attention, e-cig manufacturers continue to revolutionize the smoking world, introducing new e-cig flavors, nicotine levels, and accessories frequently. Electronic cigarettes are poised to take over the smoking industry and Big Tobacco is certainly not ready to hand over the reigns.

E-Cigarettes Surge in Popularity

Over the past few years people have discovered that electronic cigarettes are no joke. Using e-cigs has been beneficial for many former smokers who have faced the negative side effects of long-term tobacco use. E-cigarettes are cheaper in the long run, they produce odorless vapor instead of smoke, and they are allowed in some places where smoking is forbidden. Many a smoker who first laughed at the blue LEDs or scoffed at the variety of fruit and dessert flavors has ended up being a convert.

Smokers and Tobacco Companies Switch to E-Cigs

For businesses, this means money. Drug stores, convenience stores, bars and, ironically, smoke shops are ringing up e-cig sales. Authors are writing books about e-cigarettes, such as “The Electronic Cigarette: an Alternative to Tobacco?” by Jean-François Etter, a public health professor at the University of Geneva. Even Big Tobacco is cashing in on what could be the biggest threat to them ever. Last year, Lorillard Tobacco Company bought top electronic cigarettes brand Blu Cigs, moving their investment from solely tobacco products to smokeless cigarettes. Even Reynolds American, formerly R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, has its own brand of electronic cigarette, called Vuse. Financial experts thinks this embracing of e-cigarettes makes tobacco company stock a good bet for investors in the next year.


Electronic Cigarettes and the Media

Tobacco advertising in electronic media was banned years ago, but since electronic cigarettes are not currently regulated as either tobacco products or medical devices, e-cigarette companies are free to advertise on television and magazines. This means creative agencies are getting involved in e-cigarette advertising, spreading the word about this innovative quit smoking alternative. NJOY e-cigarettes ran an ad during this year’s Superbowl in Phoenix and some other local markets. BluCigs hired Stephen Dorff its latest adverting campaign, in which the actor says he’s switched to Blu e-cigarettes after 20 years as a smoker. Green Smoke‘s ad lists the benefits of its e-cigarettes and touts great flavor and lots of vapor production.

Health Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that people are more aware of the availability of e-cigarettes than they were two years ago, and the use of e-cigarettes has more than doubled in that time. Certainly, electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity as smokers search for alternatives to break their smoking habit. It is widely believed that electronic cigarettes are better for your health than tobacco cigarettes. Since e-cigarettes are battery operates none of the carcinogens found from burning tobacco are found in e-cig products. This means the negative side effects like second-hand smoke, ash, and tobacco odors are not a problem for e-cig users. The increase in the popularity of electronic cigarettes is good for the general health and, it seems, good for the economy.