States Want to Regulate Smokeless Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have proven to be a conundrum for FDA officials and states trying to regulate the tobacco industry. While e-cigs may look, taste and feel similar to conventional cigarettes, they are anything but. The FDA and state lawmakers have been keeping a watchful eye on smokeless cigarettes since their rise in popularity. It is easy to see why smokers have made the switch to e-cigs. “Vaping” enables smokers to choose their desired nicotine level, e-liquid flavors, and e-cig design. The ability to customize electronic cigarettes to suit your needs is not the only perk of making the big switch.

The Food and Drug Administration works to ensure the health of Americans aren’t compromised by tobacco products but electronic cigarettes have left many on the board speechless. The long-term safety of electronic cigarettes is still under investigation but many accept the health┬ábenefits of e-cigs outweigh the drawbacks of tobacco products. How do you regulate a product that removes the dangerous side effects of smoking?

Electronic cigarettes give off a water-based vapor when smoked so things like ashy smells, stained teeth, and shortness of breath are things of the past. Smokers choosing e-cigarettes have also gained the ability to regulate their nicotine levels and even reduce their nicotine intake over time until they reach 0g. This new freedom offered to smokers has helped increase the popularity of e-cigs significantly since 2009. Studies are being conducted to continue to measure the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes as quick smoking tools so electronic cigarette brands still face an uphill battle.

Smokers who have regained their health and life back with the help of smokeless cigarettes are threatened with taxation and further regulations of e-cig products and accessories. The FDA’s mission is to provide regulation on tobacco products regardless of their benefits of drawbacks so electronic cigarettes are facing heavy scrutiny these days. People are simply unsure how to classify these digital cigarettes when they offer smokers a chance to regain their health and break their addiction.

Vapers, e-cig users, have emerged to rally support for their favorite electronic cigarette brands, forming message boards to share their experiences with electronic cigarettes. While the FDA and cities may be slow to accept smokeless cigarettes, vapers have been quick to share their experiences with the products. Already electronic cigarettes are being modified to fit the changing needs of the vaping community.

Will further regulation on e-cig products hurt innovation in this community or help to create more innovative electronic cigarette products?

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