Electronic Cigarette Ads Take Over Television

Britain has banned cigarette advertisements on television for 50 years but electronic cigarette brand E-Lites broke the streak. With e-cigarettes soaring in popularity it is not surprising that advertisements for them are popping up in magazines and on TV. Already electronic cigarette brands NJOY, Blu Cigs, and E-Lite have brought smokeless cigarettes to television. Audiences are still shocked to see e-cigs advertised on TV since tobacco cigarettes have been banned from television advertising for decades. So far many countries may ban the advertisement of conventional cigarettes on the air but e-cigs do not face the same strict guidelines.

Electronic cigarette television advertisements differ greatly between the US and the UK. Smokeless cigarettes can be shown and vaped in American commercials but Britain does not allow the product to be shown on air. This has forced many smokeless cigarette brands to be more creative in their adverts in order to get their point across. UK e-cig companies are stressing that since electronic cigarettes are not a tobacco product they should not face the same television advertising regulations. Fear of the dangers of smoking conventional tobacco products has created a stigma around e-cigs.

Electronic cigarettes are stirring up a lot of controversy lately. Many countries are trying to figure out exactly how to regulate e-cigs. Unlike conventional cigarettes that create problems such as shortness of breath or lung disease, e-cigs don’t release toxic chemicals when vaped. Vaping enables smokeless cigarette users to get nicotine through a water based vapor. Smokers are making the switch to electronic cigarettes which has concerned city officials around the world. Could electronic cigarettes make smoking “cool” again?

Despite smokeless cigarettes being advertised on television brand representatives continue to express the fact electronic cigarettes are meant for people of legal smoking age only. Fear of smokeless cigarette advertisements targeting youth is another reason many countries are calling for further regulation of e-cig products and accessories. Smokers, on the other hand, believe electronic cigarettes offer them new hope at regaining their health and improving their quality of life. Some smokers have even used vaping to control their nicotine intake, reducing it to 0g over time.

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