E-cigarettes: the Future or a Fad


Electronic Cigarettes have reached sales numbers which have most experts agreeing that they could possibly be the future of smoking. After being in the mainstream for only a matter of years, e-cig manufacturer Lorillard Inc. reports $61 million dollars in sales for a total of 30 percent of the market share. These battery-powered devices create a vapor rather than smoke from a liquid nicotine solution. Each disposable cartridge heats the liquid to create the vapors which deliver the nicotine to the customer.

E-cigs the future of smoking

Developing the Sensible Alternative to Smoking

The cartridges themselves range in price from $9 to $18, and they comes a variety of flavors and sizes. Each pack typically contains five cartridges. The price difference is considerable when weighted against the average cost for traditional cartons of cigarettes.Total sales for e-cig manufacturers reached the $500 million dollar mark in 2012 according to the executive director of SmokeFree Pennsylvania. The total number of users accounting for this revenue is estimated to be 2.5 million people.

Companies such as R.J. Reynolds Tobacco have put massive amounts of effort into raising the consumer confidence in the product. Although the numbers are on the rise, it is likely that it will be years before sales of e-cigs rival those of traditional cigarettes. Lorillard’s success comes after purchasing blu eCigs. They have already established a distribution chain for their products that contains over 55,000 stores. In addition to the work on the ground, they are rolling out an advertising campaign that will be backed by over $40 million.Other big tobacco firms have not invested as much as quickly in distributing e-cigs.

R.J. Reynolds continues to test the market and the product. Spokesmen claim that studies in reducing any potential harm caused by the product is a practice that is beneficial to all parties. These companies have those studies underway currently. The FDA is now deciding exactly how to effect regulatory measures upon the product. FDA spokesmen expect the growth of the industry to continue steadily, but not at an exponential pace.

Analysts working on developing these smokeless products are priding themselves on putting a new face on existing brand names, creating new excitement in the marketplace, and incorporating technology in their drive towards the future.However, there is still concern over whether the FDA will attempt to ban products such as these in an effort to eliminate all tobacco-related products. Despite the questions that have arisen with the popularity of the e-cig, John Spangler, from the Wake Forest School of Medicine supports these advances. He has noted success stories which involve his patients using e-cigs to successfully quit using other tobacco-related products.

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