E-Cigarettes Surge in Popularity

Over the past few years people have discovered that electronic cigarettes are no joke. Using e-cigs has been beneficial for many former smokers who have faced the negative side effects of long-term tobacco use. E-cigarettes are cheaper in the long run, they produce odorless vapor instead of smoke, and they are allowed in some places where smoking is forbidden. Many a smoker who first laughed at the blue LEDs or scoffed at the variety of fruit and dessert flavors has ended up being a convert.

Smokers and Tobacco Companies Switch to E-Cigs

For businesses, this means money. Drug stores, convenience stores, bars and, ironically, smoke shops are ringing up e-cig sales. Authors are writing books about e-cigarettes, such as “The Electronic Cigarette: an Alternative to Tobacco?” by Jean-François Etter, a public health professor at the University of Geneva. Even Big Tobacco is cashing in on what could be the biggest threat to them ever. Last year, Lorillard Tobacco Company bought top electronic cigarettes brand Blu Cigs, moving their investment from solely tobacco products to smokeless cigarettes. Even Reynolds American, formerly R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, has its own brand of electronic cigarette, called Vuse. Financial experts thinks this embracing of e-cigarettes makes tobacco company stock a good bet for investors in the next year.


Electronic Cigarettes and the Media

Tobacco advertising in electronic media was banned years ago, but since electronic cigarettes are not currently regulated as either tobacco products or medical devices, e-cigarette companies are free to advertise on television and magazines. This means creative agencies are getting involved in e-cigarette advertising, spreading the word about this innovative quit smoking alternative. NJOY e-cigarettes ran an ad during this year’s Superbowl in Phoenix and some other local markets. BluCigs hired Stephen Dorff its latest adverting campaign, in which the actor says he’s switched to Blu e-cigarettes after 20 years as a smoker. Green Smoke‘s ad lists the benefits of its e-cigarettes and touts great flavor and lots of vapor production.

Health Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that people are more aware of the availability of e-cigarettes than they were two years ago, and the use of e-cigarettes has more than doubled in that time. Certainly, electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity as smokers search for alternatives to break their smoking habit. It is widely believed that electronic cigarettes are better for your health than tobacco cigarettes. Since e-cigarettes are battery operates none of the carcinogens found from burning tobacco are found in e-cig products. This means the negative side effects like second-hand smoke, ash, and tobacco odors are not a problem for e-cig users. The increase in the popularity of electronic cigarettes is good for the general health and, it seems, good for the economy.

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