Big Tobacco Makes the Switch to E-Cigs

Some called electronic cigarettes a fad that would die out as quickly as it began but e-cigarettes have caught the attention of smokers around the world. Sure, their design might mimic traditional cigarettes but they are anything but ordinary. Unlike tobacco cigarettes that release harsh toxins and carcinogens when burned, electronic cigarettes release only a harmless water vapor when smoked. Smokers like celebrities Stephen Dorff and Twilight’s Robert Pattinson have made the switch and many are not looking back. But the allure of e-cigs has not just caught the attention of celebrities and politicians. Many companies in the tobacco industry are focusing less on conventional cigarettes and turning their attention to e-cigarettes.

E-cig and Tobacco Cigarette

Big Tobacco Vs. Smokeless Cigarettes

Until recently, Big Tobacco faced off with e-cigs, watching their control of the market shift to smaller e-cig brands. Electronic cigarettes have become the new go to for smokers trying to quit and it is hard to blame them for making the switch. Tobacco cigarettes are known for causing nasty side effects like shortness of breath, ashy smells, and disease. The negatives of smoking traditional cigarettes long-term has been studied extensively. Smokeless cigarettes have given long-term smokers hope and the ability to regulate their smoking habit by slowing adjusting the nicotine levels of their e-cigs.

Major Tobacco Company Crosses Over to E-Cigarettes

When tobacco brand R.J. Reynolds announced its intention to start producing and marketing the electronic cigarette Vuse many e-cig users were shocked. Was this a sign that the tobacco industry was caving to electronic cigarettes? The whole “if you can’t beat them, join them” certainly rings a bell in this case. And Vuse e-cigs aren’t the only case of Big Tobacco and electronic cigarette brands teaming up. Leading e-cig brand Blu Cigs recently announced in April their merger with Lorillard. Blu Cigs first made headlines when their advertisements featuring actor Stephen Dorff began popping up on television. Their merger Lorillard is another move to push the brand further into the public spotlight and the Blu Cigs campaign has proven to be very effective.

Future of Electronic Cigarettes

The merger of tobacco companies and e-cig brand manufacturers shows the true staying power of electronic cigarettes. Smokers switching to e-cigs have a growing confidence in their ability to quit smoking. With tobacco cigarettes, on the other hand, smoking seemed more like a never-ending trial of ups and downs. It is easy to see why e-cigarettes have caught on and why Big Tobacco companies have decided to jump on board.

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