Big Tobacco Invade the E-Cigarette Industry

Smokeless cigarettes have caught the attention of more than just smokers. The rapid rise in popularity of e-cigs has attracted the attention of tobacco companies around the world leaving some to wonder what is next for e-cigarettes. Leading e-cigarette brand Blu Cigs was bought earlier last year by Tobacco giant Lorillard for $135 million. Blu e-cigs first made a name for itself with the help of actor Stephen Dorff, gaining fans through television and print marketing campaigns. But Lorillard isn’t the only tobacco company looking to cross over into the electronic cigarette industry.

RJ Reynolds and Lorillard are just some of a few tobacco companies that have released their own electronic cigarettes. While Blu e-cigs are more established than Vuse electronic cigarettes, this has not stopped RJ Reynolds from aggressively marketing its new e-cig products and accessories.

Are Electronic Cigarettes a Fad?

When e-cigarettes first hit the market in 2009, many opponents felt smokeless cigarettes would never be able to compete with their tobacco counterparts. Electronic cigarettes instead surged in popularity, encouraging many Big Tobacco Companies to switch to e-cigs. Many companies have decided that e-cigs are a worthwhile investment and smokers are in agreement.

While first touted as a fad that would blow over, electronic cigarettes have shown their tremendous staying power. By allowing smokers to fully customize their smoking experience, from the appearance to the taste, vapor cigarettes are more versatile than conventional cigarettes. Smokers don’t have to worry about embers, ash, or smoky odors because e-cigs use a propylene glycol or vegtable glycerin solution to transport nicotine. When these water-based liquids are heated they produce an odorless vapor that can be safely inhaled. Things like stained teeth, shortness of breath and more are things of the past for e-cig users.

What is the Future of E-cigarettes?

This trend of Big Tobacco companies entering the electronic cigarette market does not seem to be slowing down. Popular smokeless cigarette brands like V2 Cigs and Green Smoke already hold a large portion of the e-cig market but they face fierce competition. Luckily, electronic cigarette users will not have to worry about losing quality e-cigs because of Big Tobacco companies. The new competition should push e-cigarette companies to further revolutionize their products in order to stay competitive in this tough market.

What kind of influence do you think Big Tobacco brands like RJ Reynolds and Lorillard will have on the electronic cigarette industry in the near future?

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