How E-Cigarettes Work

So you’ve tried every way to quit, from nicotine gum to patches and everything in between, but have not found a way to cut back on smoking conventional cigarettes. Since their introduction to the smoking industry, e-cigarettes have become the new alternative to smoking.

Benefits of Smoking E-cigarettes

Many people find that the advantages of e-cigarettes make them a logical choice for their needs. E-cigarettes can be particularly helpful as a transition method when people are trying to cut down or quit smoking. Many e-cig users have made their smoking habit more manageable with the aid of electronic cigarettes but there are many other reasons why e-cigarettes are gaining popularity among smokers around the world.

Here are a few of the benefits electronic cigarette users have come across after making the switch to vaping.

· E-cigarettes do not create smoke like traditional cigarettes; they only produce a harmless water-based vapor that does not linger in the air and has no smoky odor.
· There is no second-hand smoke to irritate and endanger the health of friends and family.
· E-cigarettes do not cause the lung irritation, coughing and nasal congestion that is common when smoking traditional cigarettes.
· There is no messy ash or embers that can burn clothing so electronic cigarettes are not a fire hazard like conventional cigarettes.
· E-cigarettes do not contain the toxic chemicals and carcinogens that are released from burning tobacco.
· Your breath, hair and clothes do not smell of tobacco smoke.

Why Use Electronic Cigarettes?

Many people who use e-cigarettes do not want to disturb other people with their second-hand smoke. Others find that e-cigarettes offer a good transitional method before quitting smoking completely. No matter the reason, electronic cigarette users have decided that tobacco cigarettes do not fit into their lifestyles. Fortunately, smokeless cigarettes enable smokers that enjoy the sensation of smoking to continue without the negative side effects like yellowed teeth, shortness of breath, and ash tray smells. E-cigarettes are a simple design that produces water vapor instead of harmful cigarette smoke.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

E-cigarettes operate with a simple and clean system of electronically vaporizing a flavored e-liquid that contains varying amounts of nicotine or no nicotine at all to produce a light vapor that can be inhaled like tobacco smoke.

The parts of an e-cig:

E-cig Parts

· Nicotine Cartridge: The vapor cigarette is either filled with a small amount of nicotine-containing liquid or with a cartridge that contains the nicotine fluid.
· Atomizer: The wick is made of metal or silica. It draws the liquid nicotine into heating coil.
· Battery: A lithium-ion rechargeable battery activates the small heating coil within the atomizer.
· E-liquid Solution: Can be customized to be a variety of flavors, including tobacco, cherry, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and more. The coil is heated which then vaporizes the nicotine fluid in the wick, converting it into a vapor that is then inhaled.

Using e-cigarettes have no known adverse health effects. They can be helpful for people who are trying to quit smoking entirely and do not have the unpleasant effects of other smoking cessation products. E-cigarettes offer another option for those trying to quit smoking.

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