Health Benefits of Smokeless Cigarettes

There is little resistance to the known fact that regular use of tobacco products (especially conventional cigarettes and dipping tobacco) is bad for our health. Traditional tobacco cigarettes contain many harmful toxins and carcinogens. Electronic cigarettes offer an alternative to the highly additive act of smoking regular cigarettes with none of the harsh side effects associated with smoking. Electronic smoking mimics the actual act of smoking by using a synthetic device that ignites a liquid inside a tube to produce a nicotine vapor. E-cigarettes are gaining popularity all over the globe, helping to curb addiction, increase health, and in many cases, help smokers break the habit.

How do E-cigs Work?

Most all brands of electronic cigarettes have the same basic components – a small thin tube, a battery, a mouth piece inhaler and an atomizer. Upon inhaling on the special cartridge, the suction activates an atomizer device which vaporizes a flavored e-liquid. The cartridges contain nicotine in assorted strengths ranging from zero to 18g and up. Some cartridges come with special e-liquid flavors, like menthol or assorted fruit or spice flavors. No flame is produced while vaping, eliminating burnt ashes and smelly, lingering smoke odors. Only a harmless water-based vapor is produced from using e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes Combat Harmful Effects and Diseases

Although e-cigs contain different levels of nicotine, it is of a purified variety that does not contain the many harmful carcinogenic substances found in regular tobacco. One such carcinogenic substance is tar which can severely reduce lung capacity and make breathing labored as evidenced in cases of emphysema. Carbon monoxide, a harmful gas that produces blurred vision, nauseousness and weakness is a byproduct of burned tobacco gases, but neither tar or carbon monoxide are produced in electronic cigarettes. Smokers switching to electronic cigarettes can feel at ease with their decision and watch their quality of life return after giving up tobacco cigarettes.

Severe use of regular tobacco smoking can cause lung cancer which is a mutation and destruction of the healthy lung cells. Hydrocarbons, a waste product of regular smoking, produces benzine (a solvent) which comes from petroleum and coal. E-cigarettes eliminate the presence of formaldehyde, another cancer-causing poison found in regular tobacco. Secondhand smoke has been found to be hazardous to non-smokers, whereas e-cigs pose no such risks. Many public places even allow the use of electronic cigarettes indoors because the harmless water vapor poses no health risk to the user and others in the surrounding areas.

Regular tobacco has been linked to diabetes, high blood pressure and other related illnesses. E-cigarettes do not contain the over 4,000 carcinogenic chemicals found in the combustion of regular tobacco, drastically reducing most of the serious risks involved in smoking. Still, the best results occur when the product is used as intended and in moderation.

E-cig Health Gains and Benefits

When e-cigarettes are used properly and according to directions, immediate and long-term health benefits are realized. The gradual stages of reducing the nicotine content in e-cigs affords a reduction in the symptomatic effects of regular smoking. Electronic cigarette users can customize the level of nicotine each e-cig contains, gradually reducing their nicotine intake over time.

Increased lung capacity is another benefit of using e-cigs due to the absence of tar and soot residue in the lung tissue. Increased lung capacity promotes better cardiovascular circulation, sending higher levels of oxygen to the blood. Higher oxygen in the blood increases mental alertness and response as well as providing an overall feeling of fitness. Unlike their tobacco smoking counterparts, electronic cigarette users can once again enjoy physical activity without worrying about things like shortness of breath and fatigue caused by using tobacco products.

Not only can a person make an easy transition from regular smoking to e-cigarette smoking, but they can quit and encourage others to do so by example.

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