The FDA and Smokeless Cigarettes

With a high percentage of smokers now looking for unique and effective ways to end their habit, a wide variety of products have hit the market in recent years to cater to these individuals. This includes the e-cigarette manufacturers that are now producing dozens of unique options for those that would like to combat their smoking addiction with a simple and effective alternative. The growing popularity of e-cigs hasn’t just caught the attention of smokers and Big Tobacco. In recent years the Food and Drug Administration have taken a closer look at e-cigarettes, vaping benefits, and e-cig regulations.

After initial studies began to show just how effective e-cigarettes can be when compared to other products designed to help battle a nicotine addiction, electronic cigarette sales grew exponentially. E-cigarettes are now legal in all states due to federal laws and the FDA currently recognizes these objects as any device that turns nicotine and other chemicals into a vapor that is meant to be inhaled. It also adds that these devices may not be marketed as a tobacco cessation tool. Still, smokers have taken to vaping in a effort to cut back on smoking tobacco cigarettes and many have succeeded. With ongoing studies on the long-term benefits of using e-cigs over tobacco products in the works, electronic cigarettes have been put into the media spotlight.

The primary difference between an e-cigarette and a conventional cigarette comes down to the carcinogens and other toxic chemicals that are inhaled while smoking. Burning tobacco products release harsh chemicals that are inhaled by smokers and even non-smokers (in the form of second-hand smoke.) Over time, inhaling these toxins will increase the individual’s chance of developing any number of serious health issues ranging from emphysema to various cancers throughout the body. By releasing nicotine through the e-cigarette without the smoke and other carcinogens, smokers can regain their former health once again.

Most of the controversy that surrounds these products comes down to how helpful they are for those that would like to avoid traditional cigarettes and if the FDA does have the authority to regulate these devices. Luckily, these products come with a wide array of benefits. Due to the fact that there is no combustion, there is less chance of any accidental fires or burns. It is also safer for nearby individuals with a distinct lack of smoke. Adults can easily enjoy these e-cigarettes in a much higher percentage of places without excessive worry being placed on their shoulders.

In the end, anyone that would like to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes should speak with their primary healthcare provider. While quitting tobacco products can be a difficult task, those that seek out support from trained professionals will have a much higher chance of steering clear of tobacco products for the rest of their life. E-cigarettes may be able to provide users with help that they need to finally reduce or completely remove this dangerous and potentially deadly habit from their life.

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