Smokers Vaping to Quit Smoking

No one knows the negative side effects of smoking better than smokers but the days of stained teeth, lingering ashes, and shortness of breath may be a thing of the past. Electronic cigarettes have caught the attention of smokers around the world, offering a chance for a life free from smoking addiction. Unlike smoking, which can lead to tar building in the lungs, “vaping” enables the user to inhale nicotine in the form of water vapor. The harsh toxins released when burning a tobacco cigarette are a thing of the past with e-cigs.

While the Food and Drug Administration has not approved electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid, many smokers are not waiting around. But can smokeless cigarettes really help smokers break the habit? Studies are still being conducted by the FDA to understand just how effective electronic cigarettes can be for smokers trying to quit. This hasn’t stopped smokers from using e-cigs to cut back and even quit smoking.

Vaping No Smoking

Using e-cigarettes to control a smoking habit is quite simple. The basic make up of electronic cigarettes enables the user to customize the e-cigarette to their tastes. Smokers can choose from nicotine levels ranging from 0mg-18mg depending on their needs. Over time the level of nicotine can be lowered at their desired pace. E-cigs use a battery operated atomizer to heat up the water-based liquid inside. Once heated this liquid can be inhaled and the exhaled smoke is safe for others in the area to breathe. Smokers no longer have to worry about hurting their loved ones with second-hand smoke. Unlike pills, patches, and gums that require a smoker to quit the physical habit of smoking, e-cigs enable smokers to  gradually wean themselves from cigarettes.

Vaping is something that is catching on as more smokers vape in public. Even celebrities like Robert Pattinson, Katherine Heigl, Stephen Dorff, and more have been caught vaping in public. Smoking cigarettes in public places may be off limits but some public spaces allow smoker to vape inside. Most smokers may still be scared to vape publicly but the stigma is slowly going away as people become more familiar with the benefits of e-cigarettes.

Long-term vaping is still being studied but thousands of smokers are already sharing their e-cig testimonials with the public. Whether or not e-cigarettes will become the new and most sought after smoking cessation aid is still up in the air, but for smokers who thought quitting was impossible e-cigarettes offer hope, health, and long-term satisfaction.

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