Get Green Smoke’s Memorial Day Savings

Electronic cigarettes are a life-saving tool and leading e-cigarette brand, Green Smoke, is offering a special holiday discount for Memorial Day weekend. Invest in something that will help you regain control of your smoking habit and improve your quality of life. Green Smoke’s e-cigs use state of the art technology that allows smokers to get nicotine without the harsh toxins found in cigarettes. Over Memorial Day weekend Green Smoke is offering low prices on their most popular electronic cigarette starter kits. Save big on their Memorial Day Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit priced at less than $80.

Save big on Green Smoke electronic cigarettes this Memorial Day weekend!

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Smokeless cigarettes use a battery to heat the flavored e-liquid inside so you don’t need a lighter to use them. Each electronic cigarette also lasts up to 5x as long as a traditional cigarette and won’t leave you with an ashy mess. Switching to electronic cigarettes enables smokers to take control of their smoking habit by regulating their nicotine intake. It is no wonder so many smokers are quickly making the switch to vaping.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Green Smoke continues to produce quality e-cig products and accessories. Smokers can pick from a variety of e-liquid flavors that include Menthol, Tobacco, Mint and more. Each Green Smoke e-cig can even be customized to your desired nicotine level. Switching to electronic cigarettes is simple with Green Smoke’s low priced electronic cigarette starter kit. Each kit comes with batteries, e-cigs, an electronic cigarette carrying case, user’s guide, and an assortment of e-liquids.

Their simple to use and sleek design make them easy to use and no hassle. Get your own Green Smoke electronic cigarette today!


Get $30 Off Green Smoke’s Pro Kit

Leading electronic cigarette manufacturer, Green Smoke, is giving e-cig users $30 off their Green Smoke Pro Kit for one day only during this deal of the day. Purchasing an electronic cigarette starter kit is the most affordable way to make the switch to smokeless cigarettes. Each Pro Kit includes the following:

  • 1 long battery
  • 1 short battery
  • 5 Red Label Tobacco Cartomizers
  • 5 Absolute Tobacco Cartomizers
  • 1 USB cigarette
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 home e-cig adapter
  • 1 car e-cig adapter
  • 1 Green Smoke user guide and membership card
  • 1 FREE electronic cigarette carrying case

Get $30 off Green Smoke’s Pro Kit today!

Electronic cigarettes continue to help smokers regain control over their smoking habit. Learn more about Green Smoke’s e-cig products here, including information about their selection of cartomizer flavors, e-liquids, electronic cigarette accessories and more.

Mother’s Day 2013 Get 20% Off Green Smoke E-cigs

Green Smoke, one of the leading brands for electronic cigarettes, is offering a special Green Smoke Mother’s Day discount sale for its customers. For a limited time fans of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes can get 20% off their next e-cigarette purchase. This special offer comes just in time for Mother’s Day. Picking the right gift with mom is tough but green smoke is an unbeatable gift.

Use the discount code: LoveMOM and get 20% off your Green Smoke electronic cigarettes!

How do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

E-cigarettes have been used by many smokers. With Green Cigs you can customize each e-cig, altering the flavor and nicotine level to suit your needs. Over time an e-cig user can gradually reduce their nicotine intake until they reach 0g.  Unlike tobacco cigarettes which emit smoke when lit, electronic cigarettes do not rely on matches or lighters. Instead, e-cigarettes use a battery operated atomizer that heats up the flavored liquid inside. Vaping does not come with negative side effects like second-hand smoke, stained teeth, or ashy smells so many places allow vaping indoors.

Why Choose Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

The dangers of traditional cigarettes have been studied extensively and the risks to female smokers are immense.  Green Smoke offers a variety of electronic cigarette starter kits for smokers new to vaping. Each kit comes with an assortment of tools including batteries, chargers, a carrying case, flavored e-liquids, e-cig manuals and more. Switching to vaping is affordable with an e-cig starter kit.

Green Smoke offers a wide selection of electronic cigarette starter kits. Choose from one of the following that best suits your needs:

  • Express Kit
  • Pro Kit
  • Ultimate Kit
  • Disposables
  • Love Birds Kit

Use the discount code: LoveMOM and get 20% off your Green Smoke electronic cigarettes!

Getting the right Mother’s Day present can be tricky but Green Cigs are an unbeatable gift.  Green Smoke’s Mother’s Day sale is the perfect time to get your electronic starter kit at an affordable price.

Green Smoke Offers Special 15% Discount for Easter 2013

Green Smoke has outdone themselves once again with their latest electronic cigarette discount just in time for Easter. This Easter take advantage of Green Smoke’s 15% discount code on your next e-cig purchase. Find out why smokers are raving about Green Smoke e-cigs and accessories today.

Quality Electronic Cigarettes

New and old electronic cigarette users can agree that Green Smoke has earned its place as one of the leading manufacturers of smokeless cigarettes. Their quality products rely on a simple two part design and bold e-liquid flavors. Keeping things simple have allowed Green Smoke to continue to release affordable e-cigs.

Get 15% off the purchase of a new e-cig starter kit today.

Advantages of an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Say goodbye to lingering smoky smells, unsightly stains, and ash when you make the switch to electronic cigarettes. E-Cig starter kits are the simplest way to make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to vapor cigarettes. Each kit contains all the basics without the headache of trying to find the right parts for your new e-cig.

With a new Green Smoke Classic Starter Kit you receive:

• 1 Long Rechargeable Electric Cigarette Battery
• 1 Short Rechargeable Electric Cigarette Battery
• 1 Pack of FlavorMax™ Cartomizers (5 Cartomizers)
• 1 USB Charger
• 1 Wall Adapter
• 1 Green Smoke® User Guide and Membership Card

Special Green Smoke Easter Discount Code

Making the switch to vaping is even easier with Green Smoke’s latest 15% discount code. Use the code ES2013 on your next electronic cigarette purchase.